Dachshunds are one of the healthiest breeds of canines although a few do suffer from allergies. The most common is flea allergy while other allergens include food, the environment, and other products. A simple routine of wiping your pet with a moist towel and then drying him, can keep most allergies at bay. This can be done daily and every time your Dachshund comes back from the outdoors, and this can minimize the chances of allergens remaining on your pet’s coat.


Symptoms of an allergy

Be observant to identify the symptoms of allergies that your pet may exhibit. These include:

Skin irritation

Scratching or itching

Hair loss

Redness or skin rashes

Excessive licking or chewing of skin

Dry skin



Loss of appetite

Difficulty in breathing

Ear infection

Causes of allergies

An allergy may be caused due to any substance. This substance is called an allergen. Most of the canines are genetically allergic to a substance which they may outgrow as adults. There is no treatment for the allergy but the symptoms can be treated.

An allergy may be caused due to internal factors or external factors that include:
Pollens, grasses, plants, weeds, trees
Household cleaners
Carpets, fabrics
Dust, smoke
Dust mites, fleas, insects

Your Dachshund could be allergic to any or all of the above. Any contact with them causes an overstimulation of the immune system. Normally allergies are genetic and your pet may not overcome these as an adult. There is no treatment for the allergy but the symptoms can be treated.

A change in season may also trigger the allergic reaction due to an increase in pollens, grasses, and weeds in the environment. Certain household cleaning products like carpet shampoo and detergents may also cause the allergy. Change the agents to prevent your dog from misery. Sometimes your pet may develop an allergy to the dog shampoo itself. The fabrics or carpets may cause allergy when your pet comes in contact with them. Prevent your pet from rolling on the carpet or change his bedding.

Dust or smoke may also trigger allergic reactions and the saliva from a flea also causes an allergy when the flea bites your pet. Food allergies are one of the bigger issues in canines. Your pet Dachshund could be allergic to foods like soy, corn, beef, chicken, or dairy products. It is difficult to identify the allergy, as symptoms tend to be the same, although with food allergies your pet may suffer from vomiting or get diarrhea.


There may not be a treatment for the allergy but your pet can be given medication to alleviate the symptoms which cause great discomfort. Identify the allergen and prevent contact with these.

Paying attention to your pet and looking for symptoms, can help you to identify the cause. Preventing the cause and treating the symptoms will make your pet comfortable and a fun companion to spend time with.

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