This website is for owners of double dapple dachshunds or those interested in double dapple dachshunds. Specifically for those with hearing and/or sight impairments. We wanted a way to be able to provide information on our special babies.

We are a group of dachshund lovers, based in the US, Canada and Australia, who have found ourselves with a double dapple or two. All have entered our lives through rescue groups around the world. While we adore our double dapple dachshunds and want people to love them just the same as normal dogs, we do NOT condone the breeding of them! If you breeding one was an accident, or you didn't know, we are here to help in any way we can.

What is a Double Dapple Dachshund?


Double dapple dachshunds are the result of a puppy getting one dapple gene from each parent. Both parents must be dapple, though some dapples are hidden. This often results in puppies being born deaf and/or blind, or even without any eyes at all, double dapples are often lacking skin pigment in the areas necessary for development of hearing and/or vision. Genetics can be a complicated matter and we recommend you take the time to learn. We are here to help answer your questions.